My Favorite Place

Sometimes you need to chill and relax yourself from everything in the perfect place.

Favorite Place

Based on my recent blog posts, everyone can see which part of the world is my favorite one.


Mountains. I am so in love with the mountains; the views from the top are very extravagant. One thing why I love mountains is that it explains everything about my life; I can see my whole life there. How?

In life, you need to face every struggles, problems, hindrances and so other synonyms with it in order to achieve your goals. My life is full of those words, problems. I faced a lot of it; I cried many times, I surrendered my life, and I gave up. But after those things, I realized I need to get up maybe I am just alone and go some where to chill and relax myself. Then, once I found a relaxing place that’s the start of saying “I should never give up, God has a plan for me.” And I always thanking God for giving me those problems because I became stronger than before. Then at the end, there’s always a miracle happens.

I can seek every places here in the Philippines (I hope in the other countries too)  for the mountains. No matter how difficult to climb, to achieve the summit there’s always a good and a blessing awaits on the top and at the end. So don’t be afraid, don’t give up everything will be okey. 😊

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